Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Be an Interpreter at Central High School's Parent Teacher Conferences

by Ann Abbott

Champaign Central High School will host their parent-teacher conferences at the end of this month.  Please consider helping!  To prepare, please read this link about Spanish vocabulary related to parent-teacher conferences and this link about one student's experience working with parents and teachers to facilitate their communication.

Please contact Ms. Shmikler to make arrangements:

I have an opportunity for  your students to get some experience in translating Spanish!  Our parent teacher conferences are Thursday, October 28 (5:00 pm till 8 pm) and Friday, October 29 (8 till noon).  If you would pass this along, I sure would appreciate!!  My email is for any student interested!

Michelle Shmikler, Associate Principal's Secretary
Central High School
610 W University Ave
Champaign, IL

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