Sunday, May 23, 2010

UIUC: Summer Intern Position

by Ann Abbott

The internship has been filled.  

Although the Spanish & Illinois Summer Internship Program was cancelled this year due to funding restraints, we have one internship partner who is making it work this summer:  the Latino Partnership of Champaign County (LPCC) in collaboration with the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center (ECIRMAC, also known as The Refugee Center).

If you are a UIUC student who has taken at least one of the Spanish & Illinois courses (preferably SPAN 232 or 332, but if you took SPAN 202 with me in the fall of 2009 you can also apply), has a passion for speaking Spanish, wants to get further experience working in the community, is a creative self-starter and can work fairly independently, please apply!

The position is part-time (for a total of 265 hours), pays $10 an hour and will last throughout the summer.  You can probably work out the scheduling with the internship supervisor, Mr. Adam Chacon.

Complete these application materials, and send them as an attachment to Mr. Adam Chacon (, *not* to the address indicated on the form.  (Any applications sent to the address found on the link will be discarded.)

This is a wonderful opportunity to gain real-world experience and add an internship to your resume.  I hope many students will apply.

Here is a bullet list of projects the intern may work on:
1) LPCC Membership Drive/Renewal Drive
2) Research on Americorps project to secure a full time person to staff LPCC as a project manager
3) Preparations for Mexican/Guatemalan mobile consulate visists in the fall (which will be done in coordination with ECIRMAC
4) Assist LPCC secretary with her duties
5) Accompany LPCC rep to the food bank to pick up and deliver emergency food to needy Latinos (this would be as needed, but direct contact)
6) Research assistance for LPCC fundraising efforts (not solicitations) 
The intern would be asked to keep an activity log for reveiw by the board of directors and encouraged to attend the monthly general and/or board meetings.
Mr. Chacon, the internship supervisor, writes that, "I am going to have them work almost exclusively at the ECIRMAC location since they can work on LPCC items and still assist ECIRMAC. It is also advantageous because when I am on duty I can drive by ECIRMAC or be reached by phone for assistance or clarifications."


  1. Aw darn, I wish I could do this over the summer! I'm already working at 3 different places though... Study Abroad, Campus Rec, and Urbana Park District. If you hear more about the Americorps position development though, I would love to hear about it! Gracias :)

  2. I was just advised of one point of confusion:
    The application materials say "“From the attachment with descriptions of organizations, please write all internships that interest you in order of your preference”. That information does not exist because there is only ONE internship available.
    I apologize for any confusion, and I hope a lot of you are applying!
    Carolina, you would have been great. :)