Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Information about Spanish Community Service Learning Do You Want More Of?

by Ann Abbott

Look on the left column of this blog, scroll to find the poll titled "What type of posts most interest you?" and vote! If the answer you want isn't on the poll, leave a comment somewhere on the blog or send me an e-mail at to tell me what you'd like to read here.

Currently, these are the top posts on this site:
  1. The vast majority of people come to the blog's home page, not a particular post, and they spend more than three minutes here. Actually, that's a lot of time, because many of those are repeat visitors.
  2. "What would Bill VanPatten Think about Spanish Community Service Learning?" I think people are interested in what Bill VanPatten would say about anything, but this suggests to me that people want to hear from well-known experts in Spanish.
  3. They search for the label "class activities." (Look to the left and scroll to find the "Search This Blog" box.) This function has a lot of repeat visitors. If I were coming to this blog, that would be good for me. Need something new and different to do with your students?: just visit, search, grab and go!
  4. "Student Spotlight: Frances Brady." In general, people like to read about the students and concrete examples of their experiences. Frances was featured recently, and her links to Chicago-land non-profits gives students some good leads.
  5. "Spanish Community Service Learning Bibliography." I'm really glad to see that this resource is being accessed often. I hope that people will refer to it often and leave a comment so that I can constantly update it with articles and books that I may miss.
Help me give you want you want from this blog--answer the poll (you can mark more than one answer) or send me a message.

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