Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Student Blogger: Update on Sarah Moauro

by Ann Abbott

All during the spring semester of 2009, I looked forward to reading Sarah (and Megan's) blog posts about their time doing community service learning (CSL). It was truly disappointing for me to stop receiving their reflections when the semester ended.

But Sarah didn't stop blogging! She took a wonderful trip to South America (Peru, Argentina and Uruguay) after school was out. She blogged about her experiences and took amazing photos along the way. I followed her blog while she was gone, and then when I saw her pictures it was truly like going along for the ride in a way.

Congratulations, Sarah, on your spirit of adventure and ability to communicate so well through your words and images.

1 comment:

  1. Ah! Sarah left on her trip right after I got back! It would have been cool to hang out with a fellow 232 blogger in Peru! I'm jealous that she went to Argentina & Uruguay too...