Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carolyn at Girl Scouts

Hola a todos!

This weekend I started my Community Based Learning work with the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois. I had THE MOST FUN EVER! On Saturday we had a "Fun Day" at Shadow Wood in Champaign, with a moon-bounce and a big inflatable slide, face-painting, and lots of snacks and prizes. I spoke so much Spanish to so many kids and parents that came by, and I was probably smiling the whole time (of course I ran around and jumped on the moon bounce too).
I also learned a lot about the community, and I would suggest to everyone who is volunteering for Spanish 232: don't just work in the community because you need your hours for the class! Do it for the people; who are amazing, inspiring, friendly, and hard-working. One woman spoke to me and said that they want to talk to us, not be researched by us and then left alone with no help at all, after just talking about the problems they are having. En general, the latino community is excited to work with us, but they don't want someone whose heart is not in it, if or if they're only doing it for "credit". Keep this in mind and have as much fun as possible! Meet new people! And speak lots of español!

Carolyn Kloecker


  1. OMG, Carolina, this is a wonderful, wonderful post! I'm so glad you had a great time, but most importantly you are giving really important advice to the other students. You are so great for this course--it's made for students just like you.
    Ann Abbott

  2. Carolyn

    I agree with Ann. It is this kind of "approach" we want our students to feel. The connection with the community must be felt and lived to provide the resources we can, otherwise we are just merely fulfilling a requirement of the course as any other.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in the blog!