Sunday, December 9, 2012

Student Spotlight: Laura Woodward

by Ann Abbott

This is an update about a former student of mine, Laura Woodward. I recently received this message from her: 
"I will be attending UCD's (University of Colorado Denver) Masters Program in Counseling, and in three (long) years, I will be a certified therapist!! I am going to take the multicultural tract in clinical mental health counseling. I am currently working with children who have undergone traumas (neglect and abuse primarily) at a children's home. I love it, and I can't wait to start grad school!"
Students who do their community service learning work at the Refugee Center are exposed to social work and get to closely observe the work of the bilingual counselors there. Even students who work with other community partners come to realize the importance of all the different kinds of jobs within human services and the important work they do for immigrant communities.

Laura and the program she has decided to attend are important examples for students who feel that they want to move forward along that career path.

If any of my students would like to contact Laura to ask for career and graduate school advice, let me know!

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